This had to be a bit scary.

Pro Wrestling Legend "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan reportedly had to take down a man who entered his home through an unlocked door.

Duggan, who hasn't wrestled in years, told Wrestling Inc. that he had to take down a man, who's in his mid-20s, after the man entered his home through an unlocked door.

The man, who entered the Duggan's home, had no intention of harming them, but rather was reportedly running from some looking to harm him.

Jim Duggan IG
Jim Duggan IG

After jumping a fence, the man went into the house of Jim Duggan and it was then that the WWE Hall-Of-Famer held him down and confiscated his pistol.

Duggan and his wife feared that more people were coming into their home, but no one else did, and the man was ultimately turned over to police when they arrived.

No one was injured in this scary incident, but the young man may have picked the wrong house to enter.

According to reports, Jim Duggan elected to not press charges against the person who entered his house after learning that the man was only seeking refuge.

Duggan did say that he and his wife were not harmed in the incident and thanked God that he did shoot the intruder.


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