If you've spent anytime walking the streets in downtown Sioux Falls, chances are you've seen someone with their nose buried in their phone not paying attention.

Perhaps the City of Sioux Falls should consider doing something similar to what Pittsburgh is doing. They've launched a "Grim Reaper" safety campaign.

The city has actually hired an "Angel of Death" to walk the streets, encouraging folks to be safe. The campaign is called "Look Alive."

Pittsburgh pedestrians walking into traffic, with their noses buried in their phones, will now get a personal heads up from Mr. Death himself.

The city has hired an improv actor, dressed in a long black robe, wielding a large scythe, to stalk street corners and scare people aware.

"Hey put your phone down, or you're gonna meet me sooner rather than later."

Nationwide, it's estimated that more than 10% of accidents that result in injuries are caused by distracted pedestrians.

Pittsburgh is also using a new technology that flashes pop up messages to the phones of pedestrians nearing a busy street crossing.

So, what do you think? Is it time Sioux Falls implements a similar program?

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