The 2022 NFL Draft is just a few weeks away, and this quarterback class offers both a ton of uncertainty and intrigue.

Liberty's Malik Willis and Pittsburgh's Kenny Pickett are widely believed to be the top 2 quarterback prospects in this year's draft, but at least one other signal-caller may garner first-round interest as well.

While there are a ton of quarterbacks that are draft-eligible, only a handful have been mentioned as premier players or first round talent.

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Old Dominion v Liberty
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Appearing on Overtime with Jeff Thurn and Bert on Wednesday afternoon, ProFootballNetwork's Tony Pauline suggested that Ole Miss' Matt Corral could potentially hear his name called on the first night of the draft as well:

Pauline went on to say that college quarterbacks that play in a pro-style system have a significant advantage over those that don't:

Ole Miss v Alabama
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Corral surely benefitted from the tutelage of Lane Kiffin during his career, throwing for nearly 7,000 yards and 49 touchdowns over the last two seasons.

We'll just have to wait and see which and how many quarterbacks are valued highly by NFL teams on draft night, but safe to say Corral has a resume that offers a ton of intrigue.

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 28th in Las Vegas, where the Jacksonville Jaguars currently hold the #1 overall selection.

2021 ACC Championship - Pittsburgh v Wake Forest
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Source: Sports Reference and Pro Football Network


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