The Green Bay Packers have hired Matt LaFleur as their next head coach and that move comes with a lot of risk.

With the firing of Mike McCarthy mid season, the Packers got a head start in the search for a new head coach, which made many believe it would be an established head coach or coordinator to go with their established quarterback.

Instead they went with a coordinator who isn't considered a offensive genius and is only four years old than Aaron Rodgers.

I'm not saying either of those things will hold LaFleur from being a great head coach or bring a Super Bowl win back to Green Bay, but it does open the door for skepticism.

LaFleur comes over from Tennessee where the bulk of their offense was created by rushing the football and I don't think you will find a lot of people who say Marcus Marriota is taking leaps and bounds at the QB position.

As for the Rodgers aspect of this all, you would have to think that the Packers consulted him on this move whether Green Bay wants to admit that publically or not.

Will Rodgers respect LaFleur when they disagree and go with the head coach and not go rogue as he was accused of doing a season ago?

Will Rodgers and the offense get back to being dominate as we have seen in years past?

Time will tell on both those fronts...

With all the focus on offense currently in the NFL, it isn't a surprise the Packers went with a OC as their next head coach, it just surprised some that they went with this OC.

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