The competition continues with JL Beers' offering in this year's Downtown Burger Battle.

The JL Beers contender is called Cheesed and Confused and is described on the website as a burger that "features jalapeños, a jalapeño cheddar seasoned patty, crispy bacon, Take 16 Quarry Porter infused grilled onions and is topped off with beer cheese."

I have to be honest, I only had about a quarter of this burger because we're eating multiple burgers in a day, so there is only so much room. With that being said, I think the whole thing would have been too spicy for me.

I don't mind some spice, some zing if you will, but jalapenos on the burger and in the burger is a lot for me. It was just right in a small portion, but if I had eaten the whole thing it might have been too much. However, a couple of my friends didn't think it was spicy enough.

The problem with jalapenos is that it overpowers the other flavors. Reading the description of the burger again, I'm realizing I didn't taste the beer infused grilled onions or the beer in the cheese at all. It was just spicy.

I was afraid that The Market's burger was going to be too spicy as well, but it wasn't.

The thick, crispy bacon was on point though. You can never go wrong with bacon. Obviously.

And the homemade chips are delicious as well. Obviously.

Two down, ten to go!

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