Last century, when I was in college, they would talk about the (cue echo) FUTURE OF TELEVISION (-ISION...-ISion..Ision..ision...fade out....).

We we told that there would be thousands of channels (and nothing on, am I right? Ladies?). The basic idea that the instructors were selling is coming to pass. But not on TV. All those thousands of channels are the internet. There is an explosion of online shows to watch. Shows that stream online, meaning that there is no downloading, the show is ready to watch when you are.

There are the big names in online video like Hulu and Netflix. But the beauty of the digital world is that a smaller production can make high quality products and make them available to more people for little money. There are some great shows online here are some of my favorites. (Standard content warnings apply: Watch out for grownup talking like grownups).

Write Now With Jimmy Pardo

Write Now With Jimmy Pardo is a stand up comedy showcase with a twist. It is put out by the Nerdist Channel on This is an example of using the YouTube platform for more than just cat videos. The Nerdist folks use the sight to distribute shows. It's a TV channel that is always ready to for you.

Game Shop

Game Shop is a comedy series set in a video game store. Like a traditional TV sitcom, the people do funny things and go on adventures. When the show was new, a new episode was released through the IGN YouTube channel each week. Now all the episodes of the first season are available to watch.

Burning Love


Burning Love is available from Yahoo. It is a parody of Bachelor type reality shows. It's very funny. Season 1 is over and available to watch. Seasons 2 and 3 are coming soon.

On Cinema

On Cinema is a sort of movie review show from Tim Heidecker. Tim is the Tim of Tim and Eric. The kings of Cartoon Network, between midnight and 3am. He played Tom on Tom goes to the Mayor (AKA the Best show ever, except some others), he was Tim on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and here he plays Tim the movie watcher guy. It is excellent, awkward humor.

There is so much stuff online, and lots of it is very good. It's not just repurposed old TV shows either. New, funny stuff from people who may not have had a chance to present their vision to world under the old broadcasting model.