Some people dedicate movie nights to everything Disney.  Now, "Disney Plus" is making it easier for you to watch all your favorites in one streaming network.  You can thank Disney anytime!

Starting today, the new Disney streaming service is available!  According to The CNet, Disney Plus is "the entertainment giant's upcoming streaming service for almost everything it creates, taking on Netflix as well as a new crop of rivals like Apple TV Plus and HBO Max."  Just like other streaming services, you will have to pay a $7.00 monthly fee or $70 a year if prepaid in advance in order to unlock all the Disney magic.

Besides Disney movies, the new streaming service will offer Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Marvel programs.  The service will also incorporate some Fox Programs, including all 30 seasons of "The Simpsons." For any "High School Musical" fans, Disney Plus will offer a spin-off series based on the popular movie trilogy titled "High School Musical: The Musical-The Series."

To view the collection of movies and shows on Disney Plus, click here.  Happy binge-watching Disney lovers!

Sources: CNet, Screen Crush

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