The nursing profession has been front and center since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the Nurse Journal says that nursing jobs are ranked as the third most-in-demand job across the United States. Furthermore, the need for nurses is growing at a rapid rate with no sign of slowing down.

As of right now, five states have a massive nurse shortage. These states include Texas, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, and...South Dakota. Due to the high demand for nurses in the state, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is stepping in to encourage any nurses or future nurses to launch their careers in South Dakota.

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In a tweet from Governor Noem's professional Twitter account, Governor Noem explains that South Dakota really needs all nurses. Not only can nurses build their careers here, but Governor Noem also shares with nurses that South Dakota is the state of opportunity.

According to the video Governor Noem posted on Twitter, there are many benefits to living in South Dakota. She mentions such perks as low taxes and a low cost of living. At the end of the video, Governor Noem showcases the three healthcare organizations located in the state that need nurses (Avera Health, Monument Health, and Sanford Health).

Nurse Journal really opened my eyes when I read the shocking data regarding the number of nurses in South Dakota and in the country. There are a total of just 12,500 nurses out of the over 850,000 residents in the state. In comparison, there are over 3,900,000 nurses throughout the United States.

These statistics can be startling. They are an important reminder that overall there is a tremendous need for nurses in our country. The healthcare system would not be able to deliver quality healthcare without these dedicated professionals!

You can see the whole study from the Nurse Journal here.

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