Now that we have completed our annual gorge at the Thanksgiving feast and given thanks for all that we have, let's turn the table by giving back.

It's now our turn to show appreciation to the hundreds of non-profit organizations here in Sioux Falls and around South Dakota during Giving Tuesday.

All-day Tuesday, November 30 you will be able to support those who serve the public in so many ways.

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From providing nutritious food for struggling families to clothing for a newborn baby and her mother.

This Giving Tuesday may inspire you to reach out to the arts programs here in Sioux Falls. Or, helping individuals in youth programs, senior living centers, and abuse shelters.

All across South Dakota organizations are reaching out each day for volunteers and funding. You only have to choose what organization touches your heart. And when you begin to search, you will discover dozens of places you never knew existed.

We are blessed to live in such a giving society here in South Dakota, and we care about the little things. For a non-profit the little things you do have a big impact on the people they serve.


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