A Sioux Falls Police officer opened fire on a minivan after police say the suspect was attempting to ram two officers in an effort to flee a scene.

Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the incent started around 5:30 pm on Sunday, November 28 in the area of 11st Street and Phillips Avenue. An officer on patrol attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country for a traffic violation.

The suspect did not stop and fled the scene at a high rate of speed. In the interest of public safety, the officer did not pursue the van.

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The officer did get the minivan's license plate number which led police to a home near Paulton Avenue and Southeastern Avenue. As officers were on the scene, the minivan showed up at around 5:45 pm.

Police attempted to make contact with the suspect. Police say the suspect backed the minivan into a patrol car a couple of times. The minivan then moved forward and nearly hit two officers. An officer fired his service weapon at the minivan before it left the area.

Around 2 am on Monday, street crimes investigators found the minivan parked near 13th Street and Bahnson Avenue. The van was towed. Police are still searching for the suspect.

The Sioux Falls Police Department has asked the Minnehaha Sheriff's Office to investigate the officer-involved shooting. The Sherriff's Office will also take over the investigation of the entire case that lead up to the shooting. The officer who fired his firearm has been placed on administrative leave, which is routine. There were no reported injuries to the officers.


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