When you head into the backcountry, you never know what you might find. Most of the surprises come from wildlife, but in this case it was an abandoned house and cabin that a guy found tucked away in a canyon.

This dude lives in his camper and has built quite a following on YouTube. Here's some of the backstory about what he found when he was in Colorado recently:

I am just a short walk to the rim of Cucharas Canyon which is a spectacular sight! Then I come upon an old cabin and house. I assume this is all part of the old Kenner Ranch which is right on the rim of the canyon

Here's what he found in his adventure:

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The home had what looked like remains of an old homestead cabin adjacent to it. I'd guess this bad boy dates back well over 100 years.

AdventureVanMan via YouTube
AdventureVanMan via YouTube

The canyon he camped in is nothing short of gorgeous. Really beautiful area he was in.

AdventureVanMan via YouTube
AdventureVanMan via YouTube

I appreciate the fact that this adventurer respected the boarded up home and didn't attempt to enter as whoever owns it may very well return to salvage it at some point. Respecting what is not yours is an underappreciated principle in my opinion.

If you don't already, make sure to follow his YouTube channel as this is the life he lives. A man in a van who is now devoting his life to adventuring around America.

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