Shortages, shortages, shortages! What isn't there a shortage of these days, right!

And wouldn't you know it, just in time for tax season, here comes an envelope shortage.

There is now one more thing we can add to our ever-growing list of things that are in short supply, and that is mailing envelopes.

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I am glad I stopped using snail mail a couple of decades ago.

While most taxpayers in the country have made the switch to filing their taxes electronically and getting their return (should they get one) directly deposited into their bank account, there are still a number of old-schoolers out there that prefer to pay the taxman the old-fashioned way.

If that's you, this latest shortage could further compound your tax season headache.

The envelope shortage stems from a series of paper supply issues the country has been dealing with for several months now.

The site OMG, which stands for "Official Mail Guide" says the paper outlook is dismal heading into 2022. According to OMG...

"Supply chain disruptions, transportation network challenges and various reasons for downtime at mills added stress to the already limited paper market. Coated freesheet inventories were low to begin with and haven’t been able to keep up with further shortages caused by plants going offline."

So what does that mean for South Dakota businesses, industries, and agencies that depend upon paper products, and in this case, specifically envelopes? Longer wait times.

Envelope shortage
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Yep, the ever-growing list of materials shortages will undoubtedly help to create a further headache for both the IRS and you the taxpayer should you still prefer to file the old-fashioned way.

To help combat the paper shortage problem, the IRS is strongly urging taxpayers to make the switch to filing electronically, if you haven't already. Failure to do so could mean longer wait times in some cases for people attempting to communicate with the IRS, and those of us who like to get a speedy tax return.

Source: Official Mail Guide 


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