Peppermints not only help your breath smell great, but they also represent the holiday season and winter. However, it currently might be a  bit more difficult to find this minty treat.

Believe it or not, there is a shortage of peppermint candies across the country. Along with peppermint candies, during the holiday season, candy canes were also difficult to find on store shelves across the country. Candy canes...really?! What's next?!

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According to a recent article from USA Today, peppermints and candy canes are products included on the ever-growing shortage list that became “a thing” during the COVID-19 pandemic. USA Today reports that "more items are becoming scarce because of global supply chain disruptions such as congestion at ports and shortages of truck drivers and service workers." An additional report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that "peppermint production has declined nearly 25% over the past decade." Some people have even called this shortage "The Great Candy Cane Crisis."

This new supply chain issue is also occurring while the world approaches the two-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why a shortage on candy canes or peppermints? The lack of truck drivers and an overall labor shortage are just part of the on-going issues with products like peppermints and candy canes.

If you were trying to find candy canes or peppermints to use as stocking stuffers this holiday season and were not successful, this certainly explains everything. Is this so surprising? Considering the long list of shortages that have emerged during the past two years, there really isn't a product that hasn't been affected by the pandemic. It just seems so random that the United States could actually experience a candy cane shortage!

What's the next product to appear on the shortage list? Tune into 2022 to find out more!


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