It's time for the taxman to cometh once again, and this year along with the taxman, the BBB is warning of potential tax scams during the 2022 tax season.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there's a greater chance of tax-related scams this year due to staffing shortages within the IRS.

The South Dakota Director for the BBB, Jessie Schmidt told Dakota News Now, “This is the time you really should be gathering everything you need to file your taxes. We’re going to tell you if any of the information on your taxes is incorrect, now is the time to really dig in before you file it."

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This tax season, there will be more tax-related info people will be required to fill out, thanks to things like government stimulus refunds, and advanced child tax credits that were given to a number of parents in 2021.

Be advised, the BBB is warning people of the potential of more scams on tax returns.

Schmidt told Dakota News Now, there's a chance more people could possibly see their tax information compromised, thanks to IRS staffing shortages and increased data breaches.

How can you better protect yourself against a potential scam?

Ness Tax & Bookkeeping owner Timothy Ness, told Dakota News Now, filing early is one way. He also said the IRS, does have tools to make sure your tax information is safe.

One way is to go to and sign up to receive an identity theft PIN number. You'll be able to utilize that PIN for this year's return or the coming year's tax return. If you sign up for a PIN, each year the IRS will assign you a different number.

Every employer has the responsibility of getting W-2's and 1099's in your hands by the end of January.

Once you receive all your tax information, the BBB highly recommends you at least begin work on your tax returns right away to improve your chances of avoiding a potential tax scam.

Source: Dakota News Now


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