It was quite easy to get used to paying two bucks or less for a gallon of gas. Those days are gone, at least for now.

The average price of a gallon of gas in Sioux Falls sits at $2.19 per gallon. That is steady from a week ago, but only a month ago the average price was exactly $2. A fairly stark change in three weeks. But in the first week of 2020 the average price wasn't much higher at $2.44, and certainly didn't seem high at the time.

Nationally gas prices are relatively flat.

“Holiday road travel was down at least 25%. With fewer people on the road, the majority of states saw little change at the pump from the last week of 2020 to the first few days of 2021,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson in a press release.

Not so in South Dakota. The average price statewide is $2.22, up a penny from a week ago and 11 cents higher than one month ago. At this time in 2020 gas in South Dakota was $2.48.

If you're heading to the Black Hills you might be in for some sticker shock. In Rapid City, the current average is $2.30 per gallon. If you go up into the hills you could pay as much as $2.46 or more.

If you compare the price of gas in South Dakota with Minnesota, things look quite a bit better in the land of 10,000 lakes. The average price there is $2.15 per gallon. Meanwhile in Iowa the average price $2.18 per gallon.

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