Health officials are calling it the worst flu they’ve seen in years with nearly double the cases over last year at this time. The flu strain this time around doesn’t sound very nice either. The H3N2 is a nasty respiratory illness. The symptoms range from extreme fatigue, high fever, and severe congestion.

So here’s the million dollar question: what can my doctor do for me if I have this flu?

Not a darn thing other than a few over the counter recommendations such as TheraFlu.

The CDC does not recommend treatment for people who are not immunocompromised pregnant very young or old or living with asthma. In some cases secondary infections infections such as pneumonia Canik hurt and you should seek your healthcare professionals opinion if you feel it is needed.

My wife, a nurse since 2003, recommends extra cozy pajama pants, slippers, and the Hallmark Channel. Now that might not work for everyone so here’s what you can do to help ease the symptoms of illness:


  • Plenty of fluids
  • Tylenol and or Motrin
  • Good handwashing
  • Respiratory misters
  • And for heaven sake‘s, stay away from work.

That’s just a little free advice. May save you a trip and some PTO.

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