For the past three months, the former Sioux Falls Ford location near the Empire Mall has been vacant. Despite its prime location, more time will pass before a new tenant arrives.

It’s not absolutely certain what will occupy the space along 41st Street, but Jodi Schwan of SiouxFalls.Business tells KSOO News that whoever it is will be a prominent player.

“I certainly would expect the owner of the Empire Mall to play a role in developing that. There are a number of national restaurants and retailers that would like to come to Sioux Falls that have been waiting for that perfect site. At least a couple of them are going to decide that it’s that site because you can draw on all that mall traffic and then you’ve got the exposure to 41st Street.”

BHR Realty owns the lot and Schwan feels that some more time will pass before the space is filled.

“I was really hoping we could have announced some stuff during the summer. I don’t have a sense that it’s that close yet. Maybe it’s a fall announcement, but it’s looking more like a spring announcement.”

According to Schwan, filling retail space at the Empire Mall, which Simon also owns, seems to be a higher priority at present.

Down the road, Schwan anticipates continued downward trends for Sears on a nationwide scale which could eventually affect the Empire Mall as an anchor tenant.

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