If you had Nickelodeon in the 90's then you probably remember Salute Your Shorts.

Salute Your Shorts premiered this day back in 1991.

It was a show about kids away at camp and their nerdy camp counselor. You had the bad boy, the good girl, the nerd, the chubby kid, the athlete, etc. It's the basic teen show formula but at camp and on Nickelodeon.

I never went to camp, so I felt I got the experience via Salute Your Shorts.

The theme song is usually what everybody remembers. I know I still remember...most of the words. Who could forget the fart line?

The other things I remember about the show is the one kid's nickname was Donkey Lips and the bad kid's horrendous red mullet! Oh, the 90s!

Ya know, Nickelodeon has done reboots of Double Dare and Blue's Clues, why not give Salute Your Shorts another go? Some of the original cast members could own the camp or be the parents of campers! It would totally work.

Just don't mess with the theme song!

Check out the cast a couple years ago when they reunited!

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