Thanks to the Memories feature on Facebook, I was reminded that on this day back in 2012, Hot Chelle Rae played the Sioux Empire Fair.

Hot Chelle Rae is made up of  Ian Keaggy, Ryan Follesé, Nash Overstreet, and Jamie Follesé. (Ian Keaggy has since left the band. Sad day.)

Not only did I get to attend the concert, but I got to meet the guys! This was back before I was on the morning show, but I still worked in the building so I had some perks! I tagged along with Mel to the meet and greet.

I remember the guys seemed super cool and nice. They talked a little bit to everybody when we walked up to take our picture. The lead singer, Ryan, told me I had cool sunglasses. And then I said, "Oh thanks, they were only like $8." Ugh. I hate myself.

But, they were cool sunglasses. They are all scratched up in a drawer somewhere now.

Were you at the Hot Chelle Rae show? What was your favorite part?

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