After this weekend's crazy storm and Flash Flood Warning, I thought sharing this story again would be appropriate.

About eight years ago, shortly after I had joined the morning show, I drowned my car.

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It was Labor Day weekend, if I remember correctly. Some friends and I were on our way to meet up with some other friends to have a drink.  It had been raining, but we didn't think too much of it.  The rain was pretty heavy so visibility wasn't great, but I didn't think it would be a big deal. Just drive carefully. We are cruising along and then all of a sudden at 49th and Louise, I drive into a lake that formed in the intersection.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "What kind of idiot doesn't see a huge body of water like that?"  This idiot.  I must say I was one of you.  When I would see stories on TV of cars stuck in water or pictures I would think, "How do you even do that?"  Well, now I know.  Combine heavy rain and darkness causing low visibility and a low lying intersection, and you have a recipe for disaster.

My friends and I floated (Like, we literally floated) for awhile in my car.  Eventually some good Samaritans came along and pushed us to safety. I tried to get their names or offer them money or a fruit basket as a thank you, but they didn't want anything. They were helping a lot of people, like me, who drove into this impromptu lake.

What was supposed to be a relatively fun night out turned into a very long ordeal.  My poor car wouldn't start and I had to try to figure out what to do with it on a holiday weekend. Then our ride was having trouble getting to us because a lot of intersections were flooded. When she did finally get close, we had to wade through some of the shallower water to get to her. What a mess.

I must thank my friends Ciara and Tracie for keeping me calm during the whole thing.  If I was by myself I really would have freaked out.  I would like to thank Arika for saving us from the side of the road.  Most importantly, I would like to thank those strangers that were wading through the knee high water to help me and other unfortunate souls that drove into danger.  I am forever grateful.

I will never again take Flash Flood warnings for granted.  That ain't no joke.

*Also, my car engine needed replacing, which luckily my insurance paid for. However, they did not pay for the rental car I needed for two weeks. I guess that's what credit cards are for. Seriously, it was such a hassle and a headache. But, I was lucky that my interior was fine. Sadly, I no longer have this car. I was in a car accident and had to say goodbye. (That is a whole other blog post.) We had a lot of good times together. Even that one time when my car became a boat.

*I would also like to point out that at the time, there was a sign at 49th and Louise warning of Flash Flooding and I had commented that I thought that wasn't good enough. It should be a flashing neon sign. Well, I got half of my wish. The sign now has flashing lights on it! You're welcome!

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