1) The Mystery of Tina Marcotte

Tina Marcotte was last seen on June 24, 1994. The last thing she did was call a friend to tell them she had gotten a flat tire on her car and was going to reach out to a coworker for help. The coworker that Tina was referring to was Tom Keuter. However, after the phone ended with her friend Tina was never seen or heard from again.

Tina's friend asked Tom what had happened but he denies even speaking to Tina. Funny thing is that Tom also stated he had car trouble the same night Tina did. Tom's wife was unable to confirm nor denied her husband's whereabouts as he did not come home until 3:30 AM that night.

After Tina disappeared, Tom was naturally questioned by police. But a day after Tom was questioned he was found dead. He had been run over by his own forklift at work.

2) The "coincidental deaths" in Rapid City

In May of 1998, there were numerous bodies that began showing up both in and around a creek in Rapid City. Most of the bodies that were found happened to be Native American homeless men. Many people believe the murders weren't thoroughly investigated and many protests have been held in regard to these cases as recently as 2014.

3) The unsolved mystery of Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier

Ruby Bruuier and Arnold Archambeau were involved in a car crash along with Ruby's cousin, Tina, on December 12, 1992. While Tina was found with the crashed car and saved by first responders, Ruby wasn't in the car, authorities believe she must have escaped.

Both Arnold and Ruby were gone after the accident. Months went by with no sign of them. In March 1993, both the bodies of Arnold and Ruby were found. in the same ditch where the car had crashed three months prior. The strangest part of all is that the bodies were at a different level of decomposition.

Arnold's friends say they saw him after the accident but before his body was later discovered near Ruby's.

4) The unsolved mystery of Hotel Bullock

A man by the name of Seth Bullock who was the city of Deadwood's sheriff in 1887 opened up a hotel in 1895 in the town. He later died in 1919 but there's a rumor that his spirit haunts the hotel and people have said they have felt his presence to this day.

5) The unsolved mystery of Morgan Lewis

In November of 2004, a man named  Morgan Lewis was on Northern State University campus in Aberdeen when his body was found with gunshot wounds. The fatal gunshot was found on the back of his neck. Authorities stated that he died of self-inflicted wounds. However, the gun that was found in the dumpster had no fingerprints on it.

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