I really enjoy classical music. Listening to an orchestra is very relaxing to me. But I had never seen a professional orchestra perform live in person before.

My daughter plays in the orchestra at her school and through that she got a voucher for tickets to go see the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra for free on Saturday night. So while my wife took our boys to the Skyforce game and my daughter and I went to the symphony at the Washington Pavilion.

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra performed The Ring Without Words by Richard Wagner. It was four separate operas condensed into a 70 minute performance. It contained the familiar "Ride of the Valkyries," which was thrilling to hear and see performed.

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The performance included a series of paintings and text to tell the story of The Ring which was interesting, though sometimes I missed things in that because I was watching the orchestra do their thing.

I really enjoyed the performance. The dude who reeked of beer and cigarettes was the only negative.

In two weeks the SDSO will perform The Music of John Williams, the man who has composed the most famous music from movies like Star Wars, Jaws, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and many more.

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