When it comes to battling wildfires, you'll take all the help you can get. In response to ongoing wildfire outbreaks in several U.S. states, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is sending Iowa firefighters to help battle the blazes.

KWWL reports that the Iowa DNR is sending firefighters from the state to help battle ongoing wildfires in Alaska, Texas, and Colorado. The DNR says that their fire program has recently dispatched six Iowa firefighters to Alaska for three weeks, and two firefighters to Colorado for two weeks. In Texas, three Iowa firefighters have helped in the response to the Dempsey Fire. A type 6 fire engine was also sent to Texas to help with the efforts there.

An official with the Iowa DNR told KWWL that they just sent three firefighters to Texas to replace the first crew. They will help patrol for new outbreaks as conditions continue to be very hot and dry. Fire staff with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources watch fire behavior and look for new fires that may start up. KWWL reports that they are currently monitoring the California fire that is threatening Yosemite's Mariposa Sequoia trees.

The Iowa DNR fire program has been dispatching firefighters since 2006. KWWL reports that DNR officials say that more firefighters are ready to go once orders come in.

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