I grew up in an Addams Family family. I've watched the adventures of Gomez and Morticia several times over. I think it was on KWGN-TV out of Denver at, like, 4:00 PM weekdays when I was a kid so, it was center stage every afternoon at my house.

It wasn't until I was older that I knew of the existence of The Munsters. And I really only learned about the Mockingbird Lane gang because of a song I'd heard on The Dr. Demento Show by Butch Patrick.

Patric played the kid Eddie Munster on the show. In the 80's he recorded a novelty song called What Ever Happened to Eddie? that was sung to the tune of the theme song for The Munsters.

Anyways, this is has been a long road to take to say that every time I hear the new Fall Out Boy song Uma Thurman, which uses The Munster's theme, all I hear is 'Whatever Happened to Eddie, I was the boy with pointed ears...'. So, thanks Patrick, Pete and the the guys for getting that song stuck in my head. All day. Every day.

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