Summer's over and now is the time to think about changing up your look. You don't have to be drastic but something new and different is a way to uplifted and fresh. During the cold winter months we often feel gloomy and down, but changing up your hair is the perfect remedy to feel renewed.

On Friday, I went down to Permanent Addictions Tattoo & Piercing Salon now located in the Empire Mall. I enjoyed the atmosphere there. The look of the salon was edgy and fun. The staff was polite and knowledgeable. Hannah, the salon owner, was my stylist and I told her that I wanted to stay red (my signature color) and wanted to still be able to put it in a pony tail. She listened to my requests and then I told her now do whatever you want! I feel you have to put your full trust in your stylist or you won't ever get the result you are after.

This is how much was taken off.

I wanted a new look and something fun. Hannah gave me 2 colors that are different but not out of my comfort zone. The cut is awesome and easy to do, which was also a requirement for me since I get up early. My eyebrows got waxed and make up was done to complete my make-over.





My piercing

One of the new experiences I had there was getting a piercing. I am not one for facial piercings, it would just look weird on me, but ears are totally okay with me, so we put one in. I love it and I'm glad I did. It's amazing how something small can make you feel so excited!





You may not be ready for a new piercing but getting a new look and darker color for fall is just what the doctor ordered. I think the reason why women like going to salons is not only to feel better about themselves but to relax and get away from their worries for a bit. Chat it up with your stylist and walk out with a smile. I know I did!