How cold does it have to be before you take out the sweater and actually wear it? For me, a sweater is a very thick insulating layer that is reserved for the coldest of days. If the temp is going to be below 20, it's sweater time.

The Weather Channel did an informal survey of the lower 48 states and asked them at what temperature is it "sweater weather."

Arizona, the state that most resembles the sun in my opinion, predictably had the highest temp for busting out the wool at 65 degrees.

South Dakota responded with the lowest average temperature for a sweater at 51 degrees. At 65 degrees we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Minnesota said 55 is when they need a cardigan. I'm guessing a large number of weenies in the Twin Cities outnumbered the rough and tumble "way up north dare."

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So this week is definitely sweater weather for me and pretty much anyone who owns a sweater. The high temps all this week are supposed to be not more than 10 degrees. We could even have some "high" temps that are a negative number. I will perpetually have a hoodie on with a sweater, and a t-shirt on underneath. Once I'm in the car after the gym that will get uncomfortable for a bit until I stop sweating.

I should follow Taylor Swift's advice and get myself an old cardigan.

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