It's a great time of year. Days are still warm and when it's not raining living in the Midwest isn't all that bad. This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend a morning picking grapes. It was part of my broadcast of The Fall Harvest at Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery

Calico Skies is located up on a hill overlooking the Big Sioux River just East of Canton, South Dakota. I was there broadcasting live promoting their Harvest Festival this past weekend. While there, I had the opportunity to do some harvesting myself. Yep, Will put me to work picking grapes out in the vineyard.

It's really quite pleasant work. The day was sunny and my co-worker Sylvia found out we have quite a few similar acquaintances. You can enjoy working with people just about as much as drinking a glass of wine with them.

Calico Skies is an awesome place to meet with friends for a glass of wine or two. While you're there check out their delicious wood roasted pizza. It's top notch.

Thank you for sharing this story with your friends who enjoy pizza, wine and good company!


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