The Daily Meal named The Fantasy Island at Leo's Diner in Omaha the best breakfast dish in Nebraska. I was in Omaha, so I had to try it!

Leo's Diner is in the Benson neighborhood and it really is just a neighborhood diner. Nothing too fancy, but has a good vibe.

We went on a Monday morning and there was one waitress and maybe one cook. So pretty low key.

There were old jukeboxes at each table, however, I was bummed to find out they did not actually work.

The menu had a little bit of everything, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, wafffles, french toast, etc.

But, The Daily Meal said The Fantasy Island was the best so I ordered that!

The Fantasy Island is described as, "Hashborowns topped with Biscuits and Gravy, 2 eggs cooked to order and Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Green Pepper, Onion & Tomato."

You guys, I don't think you totally understand. There are hash browns AND biscuits and gravy AND eggs AND all the breakfast meats PLUS yummy green pepper, onion, and tomato! It's all the things on one plate!

I ordered my eggs over easy because I like when you break the yolks and they run all over everything! So good!

Now, I must admit, I haven't had every breakfast dish in Nebraska, but The Fantasy Island was pretty darn good!

I would highly recommend.

Just in case you were wondering, The Daily Meal says the best breakfast in South Dakota are pancakes from Tally's Silver Spoon in Rapid City. Iowa was Everything Hashbrowns at Waveland Cafe in Des Moines. As for Minnesota, pancakes from Al's Breakfast in Minneapolis.



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