We knew that 2022 was going to be a huge year for concerts and shows across the country including right here in Sioux Falls. However, I don't think Sioux Falls was ready for a massive party like the one that took place this past Saturday thanks to country superstar...Eric Church.

Eric Church took over the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center to kick off the 2022 Sioux Empire concert season! Saturday night was full of music, dancing, singing, and yes...plenty of drinks to cure those "early Monday morning" blues.

In a nearly sold-out show, the Sioux Empire filled the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center to listen to Eric Church perform for over two hours. Although the concert started late, Eric Church brought the house down. In fact, Eric Church played almost until midnight.

The "Gather Again" Tour is really what this concert was all about…being together again and enjoying live concerts. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerts and shows shut down. Even though the world is still in a difficult place, artists are starting to feel comfortable going on the road to perform.

Eric Church was the first of many shows coming to the Sioux Empire this year. Check out all the highlights from this epic first concert of 2022!

Eric Church Sioux Falls Concert 2022

Eric Church lit the stage on fire with his hit "Heart On Fire" to open the show. This really got the crowd moving, like me!

It was so awesome to see Eric loving the crowd and even applauding them for their energy. He felt it on stage!

Eric took a moment at the beginning of the show to thank the audience for their support. He also mentioned that it's great to play anywhere, especially in Sioux Falls!

Eric Church Sioux Falls Concert 2022

Eric Church performed some of his biggest hits including this 2015 favorite from his "Mr. Misunderstood" album.

Eric performed a little Waylon number for the crowd along with a song from Merle Haggard.

Eric had a lot of fun performing "Drink In My Hand." He grabbed a flag from the audience that supports the police force and even shared drinks with the crowd.

Eric was able to grab the cowgirl hat veil, and he even autographed it for her! How awesome!

Having no fear, Eric enters the crowd to say hello. In his words, everyone is meant to be there with him on that night.

Eric Church Sioux Falls Concert 2022

What a great concert to start 2022! Come back to Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire anytime, Eric!


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