If you were to ask me what my favorite months are, I would definitely include October. It just has a nice feel to it as far as the time of the year.

The colors of the trees and plants, the sound of high school bands practicing and football games bring back a lot of memories. I love Halloween.

Not to mention harvest in full swing. There's nothing like the smell of freshly cut silage.

As far as the weather, that's where it gets good. A perfect day is 78 degrees with sunshine. October is known for days like that.

Of course there's one extreme to another possible at this time of the year. I clearly remember three inches of snow on October 1 in 1999. Then the very next year on October 1 in 2000, I was announcing a Sunday afternoon sprint car race at Huset's Speedway and it was so hot, the track slicked over and the rear tires were frying and blowing out on the race cars.

Well it was a record day Wednesday (10/3/18) with the afternoon temperature at 84 degrees. I had to get out and enjoy it. I capped it off with some ribeyes on the grill.

And as far as extremes, we are expecting near freezing the very next morning.

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