When it comes to toilet paper etiquette it's all about whether the new roll goes on the holder over or under. How are the new squares suppose to feed out? Of course, it's over. Right? After all, the patent filed for the toilet paper holder back in 1891 by S. Wheeler seems to confirm that over is the way to go - no pun intended.

It's hard to argue that this 124-year-old patent that really does settle this debate.

Hotels seem to agree. When is the last time you entered a hotel room and the paper was in the under fashion? Never, right? They're always in the over - sometimes with a fancy triangle formed so you can see it better.

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And believe it or not, Wikipedia even has a page dedicated to this mystery!

Some of the comments were golden when the Farmer's Almanac asked readers for their opinions. 80% were in favor of the over style.

They also had some great feedback. Here are a few:

Over, because Grandma said so and you don’t talk back or question Grandma. – Jessica C.


Check the original patent for toilet paper. It was designed to go over. If you go under you are just wrong. – Dale C.

So yeah, it's totally over. In our house with teenagers, we're just happy when a new roll is placed on the spool at all. Because you know...teenagers.


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