If I'm ever going to lose any weight, the first thing I will need to do is control my eating. For some reason I can't settle for the eight ounce ribeye steak at the meat counter, I have to go with the 12 ounce cut.

There are certain dishes that call for seconds and sometimes thirds. This has got to stop. My wife says I'm a food maniac. Maybe she's right.

Then there's one of my all time favorite meals, spaghetti and meatballs with the pasta sauce. But maybe I'm fine eating that.

A new study has good news for pasta fans who are looking to enjoy their spaghetti but still watch their weight.

According to researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, carbohydrates found in pasta have a low glycemic index. This means that they cause smaller increases in blood sugar levels and are less likely to affect your waistline.

So there is hope, however I haven't figured out yet what I'm going to do about the meatballs, bread and salad.

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