We're a big nation. Not just in total number of people, but total number of pounds on those people.

We're a husky bunch, we are. In fact, if you enjoy that southern living and that southern food, you may well be the dreaded 'F' word. Fat.

The most overweight folks in the country live in the south. States like Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and Louisiana lead the nation in obesity rates. South Dakota? We're 33rd overall, so we can do better, too. (By the way, you folks in Iowa are 18th overall, and our Minnesota friends land at 38th).

And now with the holidays here, the house will fill up with relatives and the table will fill up with food. Seven in ten adults are overweight, and while the numbers drop for the younger boys and girls, those numbers are on the rise as well.

And you know the drill. More exercise. Healthier foods. And moderation, moderation, moderation.


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