The vision of the Railyard Development on East 8th Street in Sioux Falls is coming into focus with the announcement of East Bank Depot, a new undertaking that will incorporate an existing building, and expand with new adjacent construction to breathe life into the land where railcars once traveled.

East Bank Depot will envelop a multi-use concept include space for offices, living, and retail anchored at 424 East 8th Street. The building currently is listed as the Howe Building, and signs in front indicate it houses the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Company. It is immediately east of Monks House of Ale Repute.

Six thousand square feet of ground-level space will be developed for business, while residential lots will be in the upper level.

The complete project includes renovations of the existing building, creation of more parking and garages for those living in the lofts. Outdoor space is also being planned for future events. Construction is scheduled to be completed late in the year 2019.

The Downtown railyard development was spearheaded by former Mayor Mike Huether while in office, which included the sale of approximately ten acres in the heart of downtown from the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad to the City of Sioux Falls.


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