Yesterday was a strange day. Out of nowhere, I managed to do three incredibly stupid things with almost no explanation as to why they happened.

The first one was when I went to simply put change the amount of Reliabank's Five Seconds to Cash on our marker board. We change it in the morning to let everyone else on the staff know what the amount is. I changed the date appropriately to 1/21, but after erasing the "20" from "$320" I never wrote in the "40." As my wife likes to say when I bring a dirty bowl to the counter above the dishwasher without putting it in there, "So close."

The next dumb thing I did was forget how the drive-through works at a fast food place. I stopped at Taco Johns for a breakfast burrito. But instead of stopping at the menu board where you are asked what you'd like to order and place that order, I bypassed that and just drove straight to the window. I reach for my wallet and look to the window. The employee had a slight look of befuddlement on his face after he opened it. I recognized my mistake.

"I didn't stop and order anything, I'm an idiot," I said before he could say anything.

"No problem," the friendly young man said. "What do you want?"

"Meat and potato with sausage."

But the day wasn't over. That night I was in a store and the clerk checked my ID. He handed it back to me and I put it in my wallet.

"Can I get my ID back?" I asked a few seconds later.

"I just watched you put it in your wallet," the clerk said.

I checked and sure enough there it was. It wasn't my best day.

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