I am happy to say I can still do push ups. I can't do a lot of them, but I can still do them. Then I see this video and feel like an eating-ice-cream-out-of-the-bucket loser.

A fitness freak in Armenia by the name of Narek Hakobyan can do pushups, with his feet elevated at an extremely high angle, on only his index finger and thumb. If I were to try this I would have a dislocated and/or broken thumb and index finger.

From the video description:

This amazing video shows the moment a fitness freak from Armenia performed elevated push-ups with nothing but two of his fingers.

Narek Hakobyan, 29, has perfected the stunt as part of his morning routine.

"I exercise every day, two or three hours per day," he said.

The video shows Narek performing a series of push-ups before casually dusting himself off.

"Mostly, I work out at home. I have rest, free of workout day, only on Sundays.

I was pretty pleased just now in my office, out of curiousity, I dropped down on the floor and did push ups until failure. Now I'm breathing heavy and excessively sweaty for my 62 degree office, but I was able to knock out 27. I haven't specifically done push ups in a while.

Now I just tried to do a wall sit for as long as possible. I'm embarrassed to say it was less than a minute. Time for more squats.

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