I'm on a quest to have all six entries in this year's Downtown Burger Battle. My second burger was The Asian Zing from Wiley's Tavern.

According to DTSF.com the burger is described as: "Hoisin infused 100% certified angus beef patty topped with a sweet Asian slaw finished with sriracha and cilantro lime aioli served on a fresh jumbo egg bun."

This burger, was messy, yet delicious. Seems to be the trend.

Like the Ode burger, this burger was also on an egg bun. I still don't know what that means, but they are tasty buns.

I was worried that the sriracha would make it too spicy, but it wasn't too bad. The sweetness did come through, but there was a good balance of sweet and salty.

I must have liked it because I ate the whole darn thing!

A few people said this burger doesn't 'look' as appetizing as the others, but don't let the look of it deceive you. It was scrumptious.

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