I did it! Tommy Jacks makes 6 of 6 burgers! My final burger in the Downtown Burger Battle was the 'Classic Deluxe' from Tommy Jack's Pub. Of all he participants in the Downtown Burger Battle, I didn't even know Tommy Jack's Pub had food. I had been there a couple times, but all I did was drink.

Anyway, Tommy Jack's offering was called the 'Classic Deluxe' and is described as "A hand-pattied, half pound juicy burger served on a buttered and grilled freshly baked sourdough bun, topped with American Cheese and served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle."

So basically, it's the All-American cheeseburger. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but it wasn't very original. The name says it all. Classic Deluxe. Got it.

The buttered, grilled bun was delicious. It even crunched a little with each bite. Yum!

I will say though, after trying all these crazy, outlandish burgers, it was nice to end with the 'Classic Deluxe.' It was like going back home after vacation. It was comfortable and familiar. And I happened to be there during 2fers! Yay for 2fers! Plus, they offer tots! Tots FTW!

Well, I set out to try all the burgers in this year's Downtown Burger Battle and I did it! I feel accomplished. There is still a little time left to try the burgers if you haven't yet done so.

I'll be keeping my eye out to see who wins this year's competition! Will The Market keep their winning streak going? For me, I think Pave's Unicorn Burger was my favorite. With Ode and The Market as very close runners up.

Until next year!

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