Gouda? Yes, please. Bacon? Duh!

This burger could not be bad. I mean it's called Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger!

Tommy Jack's entry in this year's Downtown Burger Battle is described as, "A juicy half pound hand pattied beef burger topped with smoked gouda cheese, savory hickory bacon, seasoned hemp heart onion straws with a drizzle of house ranch dressing served on a locally baked bun."

I love gouda. And it was delicious on this burger and honestly, everything is better with bacon. But can we talk about the onion straws for second? So good! They added a little sweetness and little bit of crunch. My only complaint would be that I could have used a little bit more of the house ranch dressing. I mean, this is the Midwest after all, if you're going to use some ranch, don't hold back.

Also, this was one of the only burgers that didn't completely fall apart. I could actually eat it as a burger until the last bite. Some of the other burgers get pretty messy, which isn't a bad thing. Just an observation.

One more thing, I know it's a burger contest, but Tommy Jack's offers tots and tots are amazing. So that is that on that.

Eight down, four to go.

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