January means it is Burger Battle season!

This year there are a whopping 16 burgers to try and I am trying to get through them all.

This year, voting is done via Downtown Sioux Falls' new app! It is called the DTSF Passport. It is so slick, smooth, and user-friendly. You can find out more about the Burger Battle and the app here.

So far I've had burgers from The MarketMackenzie River, Parker's BistroPaveWiley'sSwamp Daddy'sFalls LandingOde, and Fernson.

Next up, Bread and Circus.

This year's entry from Bread and Circus is called the B&C Raclette Burger and is described as, "Certified Angus Beef Patty, Raclette Cheese, Black Garlic Bacon, Bread & Butter Onions, Lettuce, Aioli.  All on a custom bun made locally by Breadsmith using spent grain from Severance Brewing."

First off, let me say that this was my second attempt at trying the Raclette Burger from Bread and Circus. When we first tried to go they were sold out. I guess that's what happens when you use a super fancy Swiss cheese. However, it was totally worth the second trip. I, dare I say it, loved this burger. Obviously, the cheese lived up to the hype and there was just enough garlic with the bacon. Honestly, the onions were a surprise treat on this burger. This bun has got to be in my top 3 for sure. It was soft and chewy, but not in an under cooked doughy way, in a delicious I want more way. And I love the idea of upcycling the spent grain from Severence. No waste!

This burger was everything you want from a basic bacon cheeseburger, but was anything but basic. It was elevated to the highest of burger deliciousness.

So, I mean, I guess you could say I liked it.

10 down. 6 to go.


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