Ok, it's getting close to the end of January and I only have three burgers left!

Swamp Daddy's was a Sioux Falls favorite as a food truck and since moving into the Jones Building at 421 N Phillips Avenue, their business has only grown.

Swamp Daddy's is known for their cajun style and a nod to New Orleans so it made sense that their burger had cajun flare. The Bayou Burger is described as, "This burger starts with a blend of ground beef, short rib and brisket topped with spinach, tomato and pickles, finished with cajun cream sauce and served on a buttery, lightly toasted bun."

The cajun cream sauce is delicious. Swamp Daddy's also offers it as a dipping sauce for basically anything on the menu. It does have some kick, but not too much.

I thought the fresh ingredients like the spinach and tomato helped to bring a lightness to the burger and tame some of the heat.

The patty was delicious. That blend of meats is on point.

My one gripe would be that this burger was one of the smaller ones offered, but was one of the more expensive burgers. I mean, it was still delicious and I ate the whole thing. Just an observation.

10 down, two to go!


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