I got a burrito bowl from the Breaking Burrito food truck and I was pleasantly surprised by the bowl it came in. It wasn't paper or styrofoam, it was a really nice plastic bowl that was dishwasher and microwave safe. (As seen above.) So I kept it. Some might call that cheap, I call it being resourceful.

I walked around with it for the rest of the night and made sure all my friends knew not to throw it away.

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When I got home, I put it in the dishwasher and now it resides in my cupboard just waiting to be part of my meal prep routine!

I am not alone. A lot of people told us about keeping to-go containers, but some people really leveled upon the being cheap, I mean resourceful, scale.

Check out some of these responses:

  • The KFC famous bowl containers are awesome. We keep them every time!
  • Single guy, all my Tupperware is the containers I buy my ham in. Never bought actual Tupperware (I keep those bowls too)
  • My dad always made us wash Ziploc bags and then we'd put the bag over the kitchen faucet to dry out haha (I grew up in a similar household)
  • During the school year with the pandemic, the schools were doing pre-portion lunches. And the containers were really nice and you to get a new one every day. My daughter brought home the container every day. Now we have a ton of these bowls from the school and we gave them out to the family as well. LOL, they work great, especially for leftovers. And Who cares if you don't get it back! Lol! I feel you, Tasha!
  • I stood in line at the customer service line at Hy-Vee when they forgot to give me 5 cents off for bringing in my reusable bag.
  • There's a Chinese place here in Mitchell that if you get a family order of fried rice it comes with a nice plastic spoon I have 2 or 3 of those in my drawer. It's like a serving spoon.
  • My grandma reuses plastic cups plates and silverware. She will hand wash them. And also reuses birthday etc cards and crosses the other name out.
  • My father-in-law will wash his car in the front yard in order to save water by watering the grass
  • I have four girls and an overabundance of girly gift bags. Everybody's getting a glitter unicorn gift bag whether you're a girl or a boy!
  • Cheap is regifting! I love when I get a gift for a holiday that I hate- I just regift it! Money=SAVED
  • Carinos has really nice take-out containers when you order pick up.... We got the firesticks and it was a huge container!
  • I've been quote-unquote borrowing a dehumidifier from work since 2017
  • My husband's grandma, at parties, encourages us not to destroy wrapping paper and she will fold it up and take it with her! Tissue paper too.
  • Anytime there is a chance to keep paper napkins I take them.
  • Never have to buy hot sauce if you just ask for extra packets at taco bell.
  • Did anyone say they keep the plastic carry-out containers from Olive Garden? They have an attached lid on some of them. They are great for sending home leftovers like during Thanksgiving.

I love all these resourceful people!

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