Some call it cheap, I call it frugal.

I cut my conditioner bottle in half so that I could get every last drop out. Is that cheap? I don't care. I'm using all that conditioner!

I found out I wasn't alone in my frugality. Listeners texted in and left us messages on social media telling us that they do the same thing and shared other cheap hacks!

  • We add milk to the Hershey's [Syrup bottle] to get the last of it out.
  • We reuse containers from Teriyaki Madness. Great containers.
  • I also fold and save all tissue paper that I have gotten in gifts
  •  I'm 34. my family has about 3 generations of recycling gift bags. we've had some for years. all the younger kids will ask before about a bag if we are keeping it or not lol we don't even write on the tags. big family
  • Driving neutral on hills because I assume it saves gas.
  • At buffets, I've lied and said my kids were a year younger. Guilty.
  • My boss is Dutch...We had a work meeting with supper catered in and he brought his own Tupperware to take food home for his dinner and supper the next day
  • The face cream I use is a pump, and at the end of it I take the top off and use a Q-Tip to get the rest out. It’s got a good 5 days left that way.
  • I do the same thing with my lotion - only after I cut it open I use a butter knife to get it out and put it in the new bottle because those never come full.
  •  lol, I buy a new bottle and wait for the new bottle to get down a little bit then pour the old bottle into the new bottle (set it up upside down to drain into the new bottle). Why waste it?
  • I use Bare Minerals makeup. Their face primer is $20-something for a small bottle. So when I can’t get any more from the pump, I cut the bottle in half. There is literally so much in there it lasts another month.
  • Lie bout my kids ages so I can get a cheaper rate at a movie theatre or theme park.
  • My husband is becoming impressed with the take-out containers from various restaurants and thinks we need to keep them. I don’t disagree, but we have ample amounts of ACTUAL containers to use.

So there you have it. I'm not that cheap after all. Or, at least, I'm in good company!

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