Halloween is just around the corner, which means houses are getting ready to fill trick-or-treat bags with candy. However, if you live in Sioux Falls leaving any candy or wrappers behind is not the best idea.  The City of Sioux Falls Police Department might even call this act criminal, almost "unforgivable."

The City of Sioux Falls Police Department loves to have a little fun on its Facebook and Twitter accounts every now and then. However, do not be tricked by the department's latest social media post.  The scene of this crime is so unbearable. In fact, you should protect your kids and not show them the images of this terrifying crime.


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Just kidding! The City of Sioux Falls Police Department might have indulged in a little too much sugar before creating this social media post. According to both its Facebook and Twitter accounts, the department joked that leaving candy like this on the Sioux Falls streets is just wrong.  Almost "like felony level unforgivable." I guess the candy still tasted pretty okay after a few cars ran over the bag...I just wouldn't recommend doing it.


In all seriousness, make sure to keep the streets clean while trick-or-treating in Sioux Falls this Halloween. According to KOTA (sister station of Dakota News Now), littering is a crime in South Dakota. It's considered a criminal offense. Specifically, "a class two misdemeanor punishable with a citation of $122." In my opinion, it’s simply not worth littering in the City of Sioux Falls or anywhere in the state!


Enjoy as much Halloween candy that you can! Just remember to throw away your wrappers after your sweet treats.



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