A couple of guys in Kentucky want to change their state’s motto. They think that the current motto “Unbridled Spirit” isn’t good enough. They want to re-brand Kentucky with the state motto “Kentucky-Kicks Ass.”

That got me thinking, maybe South Dakota needs a new motto. Our current motto is "Under God, the People Rule." That has been the state motto since 1885. That's so long ago that MTV was still playing videos then. I'm guessing, pre-1992 is pretty fuzzy for me. Anyways. There is also the motto “Great Faces Great Places” that is used sometimes.

But maybe our motto needs freshening up. It is SD’s branding statement so let's get with the times.  How about some brainstorming? I’ll start:

South Dakota-No Snow in July…Usually

South Dakota-A lot of Our Roads are Paved

South Dakota-Yes, We Have Seen Deadwood

South Dakota-Warmer Than North Dakota

South Dakota-The Black Hills, Sioux Falls and…Cows I Guess

South Dakota-That’s the Smell of Money

South Dakota-Almost a Rectangle

South Dakota-Nope, Never Been To That Drug Store Place

South Dakota-We Gots Trees, Grass and Everything

South Dakota-Where Your Parents Live

South Dakota-Sioux City is in Iowa!

South Dakota-Home of the Tortoise You Are Sitting On In That One Picture

South Dakota-Yes, We Can Believe How Flat It Is

South Dakota-Close to Minneapolis

South Dakota-Even Closer to Omaha

South Dakota-Agree to Spend Every Other Christmas Here

South Dakota-Thanks for Stopping for Gas

South Dakota-We Have Mount Rushmore not Carhenge, So Suck it Nebraska

South Dakota-Suck it Nebraska

What do you think? Do you have a suggestion?