This morning during the show I was complaining about the plethora of mosquito and other bug bites all over my torso and extremities. I've been chewed on a lot over the last four days and at times I have felt like holding a lighter to them to burn the nerve endings off.

I have used less painful remedies so far. I've rubbed on tons of hydro-cortisone lotion, ointment, and Benedryl cream on the red welts and bumps. I've also scratched a few of them into scabs.

A listener sent me a text message that deodorant would help with my super itchy bug bites. It sounded goofy to me but I was willing to try anything. When I went home for lunch I went into my bathroom, removed the cap from my Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport, and rubbed a little of it on.

The itch went away seemingly right away. I then felt some residual itchiness as I wondered if I was feeling a placebo effect or if it was actually working. I walked back to the kitchen to eat my lunch. By the time I got there the incessant need to rake my fingernails across the bumps on my skin had vanished.

I don't know why it worked. I don't know if it worked better than the other remedies I have been using, but it seems to have worked more quickly. I'm sure a bunch of experts in the comment section will give all the reasons why or why not and that I'll eventually develop fingernail cancer if I continue to do it. All I know is it worked for me and my legs smell better. Thank you texter!

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