They say the average woman criticizes herself over eight times every day. I hadn’t found any numbers on how many times the average woman compliments herself every day, but my guess would be not very many times.

Even if there was a balance between the positive and negative self-talk, I’m not sure the positive would be able to cancel out or overcome the negative thoughts.

I know some of the negative statements we all replay to ourselves come from people while we were growing up and those comments get stuck on repeat throughout our lives.

I believe some of the negative thoughts we come up with on our own from when we see certain cultural expectations presented to us.

We hope by changing something about ourselves we could somehow spare ourselves some rejection.

It is a strange game we all play with ourselves punishing ourselves with painful thoughts forcing ourselves to change, hoping we can somehow prevent some other social pain.

I came across the above documentary with body image activist Taryn Brumfitt.

If you struggle with body image and accepting yourself it might be worth a watch.

Life is too short to spend it being mean to yourself.



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