Can zombies be any more popular right now?  It seems that all my friends and even my two boys are watching 'The Walking Dead'!  With the popularity of zombies, zombie movies/television shows and everyone taking quizzes on where would be the best place to live in case of the zombie apocalypse, you had to wonder just how long it would take before someone invented something to make the "normal" people smell like a zombie.  Whether to just blend in with them, hide from them or simply to be more like them, leave it to a group of scientists at Doane University in Crete, Nebraska, to take make the perfect zombie perfume.  Or maybe I should call it, the perfect zombie STENCH!

If you are truly worried that you may have to survive a zombie apocalypse someday, feel safe knowing that now you have one more weapon in your arsenal.  A group of scientists called The American Chemical Society, have created a stench that is based on the fact that zombies are attracted to the smell of living things.

Inspired by the show 'The Walking Dead', Raychelle Burks, a chemistry post-doctoral student at Doane University, combined putrescine, cadaverine and methanethiol to create a smell that can be compared to rotten eggs and boiled cabbage.  Called 'Eau de Death', it's just what's needed to mask the smell of anyone that is living during a zombie apocalypse!

But Burks is a realist.  She knows that zombies aren't real.  But she says,

the project was a good way to get people to listen to a science talk.

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