Let me set the scene. It is a Friday evening in February. A group of young dancers had just performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at the halftime of a college basketball game and then decided to rendezvous for a night out on the town.

While out on the town, four zombies decide to partake in karaoke. The song: "Shoop" by Salt N Pepa.

While the zombie girls are doing their thang, they see a gentleman they do not know making his way toward the front of the bar. The unassuming man motions for the microphone so a zombie girl obliges. He takes the mic just in time to have the most epic rap moment of all time!

Check out how it all went down here.

Honestly, I don't think the video gives the moment justice. To really appreciate the awesomeness, I think you had to be there.

P.S. I'm the zombie girl in the pink dress to left as you watch.

P.S.S. Thanks to Mike Muller for the video!


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