Police found and arrested a suspect for burglary and rape Thursday night (January 24).

The rape allegedly took place January 5 when a woman woke up to a stranger in her residence on West Stony Creek Street. The man initially said he was looking for someone else, but then hit the woman’s head on the bed frame and sexually assaulted her.

She ran out, flagged down a car and contacted police.

The suspect’s ID was found near the residence and further forensics pinpointed to the man as a suspect. He who was arrested Thursday.

Donald Bolan, 38, was taken into custody in the 3000 block of West Russel Street in Sioux Falls.

Officer Sam Clemens says a rape suspect or victim usually know each other. The fact that the rape victim was unknown to the suspect, or even random, is not typical.

Police say they needed to wait for DNA results for their final confirmation to make the arrest.


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